Cycle Routes

Sometimes there are virtually traffic-free cycle routes under your nose. All you need is to find them and to have the right bike for the conditions.

Excellent Books – Ultimate UK Cycle Route Planner
This website’s publishers also publish this large printed map. Its great for allowing you to link up the thousands of routes that exist on a national level – something more local maps just don’t allow you to do. Note this map is for planning longer routes only, not for navigation on the ground.
Find out more here.
The Planner shows many unofficial and minor road routes not recorded on the free mapping websites below.

Free Cycle Maps
Sustrans Online Mapping

Cycling Cities
Whether you’re on business or pleasure knowing you’re heading for a cycle-friendly city means you have an easy and enjoyable way to get around. Keep an eye on this section for upcoming reviews of our candidates. If you want a bit of background about how Europe’s best (and aspiring to be best) cities got where they are check out this review of the excellent Cycling Cities book, available here.