Hybrids combine the best features of road and mountain bikes for pace on the roads and the ability to go off-road on canal towpaths, forest tracks and the like, The best ones also combine low maintenance and comfortable riding for a simple cycling experience. Ideal for leisure riders and commuters.


Is this the Best Bike for Under £150? B’Twin Elops 100

This bike caught our eye as it had a lot going for it at a price that usually means a diamond frame without accessories and a bike weighing more than the Elops 100. The Elops 100 has a comfortable unisex step-thru frame, mudguards, kickstands and battery powered lights. It’s also pretty light at just over 14kg for a steel-framed bike with some ‘extras’.
At first glance it looks like a sedate bike but the riding position and the curved-back handlebars means it’s one of the easiest bikes we have ever tried for comfortably honking up hills on (honking being standing out of the saddle to pedal). This means the six derailleur gears will get you up hills you might not think they would, whilst effective brakes provide plenty of stopping power for coming down the other side.
The only downsides are the lack of attachment points for a rear rack and the rather under powered battery lights. P-clips allow you to mount rear racks easily enough and of course more powerful lights are available.
B’Twin is Decathlon’s own brand, Decathlon being a major French out of town sports goods retailer. They offer a  lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebar and fork.
Summary: A great get-around town bike that is really comfortable and pretty practical.
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