New Guide to One of France’s Most Popular Long Distance Cycle Route

Fancy riding around 280 miles from Paris to one of France’s most incredible sights, the sea-surrounded abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel?

I have just published the official guidebook to the entire route and highlights include a traffic-free route out of the Parisian suburbs past the lovely chateau of Sceaux. Minor roads and tracks lead you onto the President’s official residence of Rambouillet and then there is a fine entry into Versailles, rolling up to the palace gates…

Into the Normandy countryside you will discover the Chevreuse Valley, Chartres cathedral, the Perche and Normandy Maine natural parks, the lovely old town of Alencon, the spa resort of Bagnoles de l,Orne, medieval Domfront and a final traffic-free approach to the Mont itself.

You can order here.

For more detail on the route see the official website here.



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